About Me

My name is Markus and this is a virtual window into my life as a an outdoor enthusiast, welcome!

On this site I will proclaim the glorious message of such outdoor pursuits as hiking, bushcraft, bike touring, paddling and the like, without forgetting the most noble of outdoor endeavors; hanging by the campfire and eating stuff. 

On my forays into the more or less wild surroundings of my home in south western Finland  I will occasionally be accompanied by wife and children, of which I have two. Children that is, let's not get carried away here. Thus my topics will naturally include such themes as "Hiking with kids" and "How many teddy bears can dad fit in his backpack". Oh Joy, can't wait.

The basis for my writings comes from an outdoor experience of over two decades during which I have not only been an avid hobbyist but also acted as a sea kayaking instructor, a wilderness guide and a survival instructor. Today I continue my path of adventures in the outdoor retail industry, something I have been  doing for the last five years. This means that I also have a pretty good insight into the current state of outdoor gear, another subject that you certainly will see a lot of here.

Enjoy your stay!